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is it okay to eat 1,350 calories per day ?

is it okay to eat 1,350 calories per day as a 24 years old female with height 5 feet and weight around 55kgs? Ive been eating no more than 1,350 calories for last 3 years and since then my health has been effected eg; hairfall and muscle twitching. But if eat more than this I tend to gain weight. What should I do?
Hey I have the same problem! But I’m 5’3 female and 57kg and I eat 1200 cals. Everytime I eat above I also gain weight :frown:
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Calculate your TDEE and find out how many calories you should be eating. However, that's not the be-all and end-all of diets; you need to have healthy balanced meals to get the right nutrition.

If you have health issues, see your doctor.
If you're not eating enough then DUH you're going to TEMPORARILY put on weight because your body is like "oh my god im actually being fed enough". google reverse dieting
If your health has been adversely affected over the last 3 years, there is something wrong.
Most likely with either your diet, exercise regime, genetics or lifestyle.

Get specialist advice from a highly experienced medically qualified dietician and a few experienced well recommended nutritionists.
The dietician will be able to provide you with extensive personalised advice in relation to your health issues & dietary needs and some practical support in terms of recommending the most suitable meal plans.
The nutritionists will be able to give you general information about nutritional choices on health & wellbeing, make some suggestions as to changes to consider incorporating into your lifestyle and offer their opinions upon the potential impact of doing so.
Good luck!
The amount of calories isn't absurdly low there that it should be affecting your health. What are you eating though? 1,350 of a healthy balanced diet is rather different to eating a 1,350 cheeseburger every day.

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