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Hi my name is David,
The GCSE's I am doing are:
Maths (Edexcel)
Further Maths (not sure)
Chemistry (AQA)
Biology (AQA)
Physics (AQA)
English Language (AQA)
English Literature (AQA)
Computer Science (OCR)
Geography (Edexcel B)
Psychology (OCR)
Religious Studies (OCR)
I don't really have any pastimes except for reading and I'm trying to learn how to code.
I'm aiming for 7's , 8's and 9's for all of my subjects as my Yr 10 prelim results were:
Maths (Edexcel) - 8
Further Maths (not sure) - N/A
Chemistry (AQA) - 7-
Biology (AQA) - 5
Physics (AQA) - 8
English Language (AQA) - 5
English Literature (AQA) - 7
Computer Science (OCR) - 8
Geography (Edexcel B) - 7
Psychology (OCR) - 9
Religious Studies (OCR) - 7
I'm not sure about the other two but I'd definitely want to take Philosophy.
My top revision technique is a mixture of flashcards and Past papers.
Hi, welcome to TSR :woo: here is a link to the year 11 chat thread where you can chat with some of your fellow year 11s!

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