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Life sucks currently and I feel like crap

I’m so upset. First of all the guy that put a label on our relationship is literally ghosting me :/ like great thanks for that. Then today was my first day of uni and that was so depressing. It’s freshers week and I’m scared I’m going to be lonely, ive tried putting myself out there but there were so many people I felt overwhelmed and couldn’t find anyone doing the same course as me. Also I’m so confused because the uni is timetable for this week is so weird and idk life just isn’t great atm. Just wanted to get this out there. I just feel like I have no one to talk to. I feel so depressed lol
it will get better. i think all unis across the country pretty much dont have their offical timetable (i dont at least and a lot of others dont), i think freshers week is perfect for extroverts to have fun, party and make friends but when you start your course you will be able to make more friends especially if you have to do any group work or if anyone on your course suggests to make a big groupchat for the class/course.

as for the relationship i am terrible at giving relationship advice. you say he put the label on it so i would assume you very recently got together and you're a young person just starting university, you might have dodged a bullet with that relationship as him ghosting you says a lot about him. honestly just have fun at uni, im not sure how heartbroken you are but i think being in uni not in a relationship will be much better for you once you get over it and heal.

oh yeah also, if you're passionate about anything and there is a society related to it, you should attend it. you can arrive and if you get anxious or anything and get too scared you can just walk back to your accommodation, nothing wrong with at least trying it.

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