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Why is it the only places you can go in the UK to do Eng Lit + German for an M.A. are in Scotland? To be specific, St. Andrews, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Dundee.

Does anyone know which one is the best for what I want to do? Of course the prospectuses/national rankings aren't truly indicative of what the teaching is REALLY like... so what can you tell me....? St Andrews want you to pay for your own year abroad which seems pricey... Is it really that pricey? Is it worth it?

Is it even wise to go to Uni in Scotland? Not only is it so far but it's also extremely different culturally. Would it be better to stay closer to home (for me, Shropshire) and do a B.A. instead? What are B.A. and M.A. worth in the real world??

My university year is 2006-7 so I've got quite a while to think about this, by the way

Thanx for your help!!
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