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What should i keep? Open Uni module or Higher

hi im not sure whether i should keep higher human biology, or keep the open university course i signed up for this module - M140 - introduction to statistics

the subjuects i take right now:
[adv math, adv physics, higher chemistry (crash), higher human biology(crash), and extraciricular] + advanced mechanics - outside of school ("self-taught")

im not sure if it is worth keeping human biology as i dont need it compared to math and physics and becasue i feel like i will begin to be overwhellmed with the amount of work but although the 2 advs and 2 crashs have been straightforward this past month and a bit
if i do drop it the ou module is a "SCQF level 7" which is equivalent to advanced higher but not a full qualification -whatever that means-

will doing the module benefit my 'personall statment' and help if i were to apply to oxbrige, as normal requirements are 3 ADVs (2 A1, 1 A2)

can anyone give me guidance thanks
The YASS M140 course is SCQF level 7, and worth 30 credits. An AH is SCQF level 7 and worth 32 credit.

But the YASS, when I looked at it last year does not have UCAS points so no idea how Oxbridge, or other unis would view it.

You could refer to it in your other qualifications and in your PS as extra curricular (thats what I did with a SCQF 7 module I did with Strathclyde uni), but I have never seen it in entry requirements. Probably best to ask them directly.

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