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Revising for AS-Level resits?

Hey everyone, my grades from my Year 12 exams came back to be CCD in English Literature, Psychology and Biology respectively.

I'm planning to resit 3 exams to bring up my grades to at least AAB-ABB (Currently predicted BBB). I'm hoping to resit Unit 2 for Psychology and both Units for Biology under the WJEC exam board, and I wanted to see how others' experiences were with resitting alongside Year 13 exams.

Is doing 3 resits going to be too much work to keep up with? I've specifically picked units that have relevance in the A2 course, so even if time is taken away from revising for Year 13 exams, I won't be too far behind since I just need to top up A2 knowledge.

Originally my plan was to resit Year 12 since I knew I didn't put enough work in last year and basically didn't revise for the AS exams so I was expecting U grades, but CCD has given me hope I can bring them up this year. I'd rather not resit the year now since I'm planning to do a Foundation Year in Art which'll only be free if I am 18 at the time of enrolment.

Sorry for going on a bit of a tangent ;_; I've just been overthinking this a lot recently and I really want to make my mind up so I can start making progress on either revising Year 12 or just accepting that I'm behind and going to resit Year 12 somewhere else.
Bump ^^ again, I would've gone to resit Year 12 if it weren't for the fact that I'd lose the free foundation year for art (£5000 might not be a huge amount but I don't want that on top of who knows how much debt I might accumulate should I finally decide on the degree I want..) Would it be better to resit the year and just pick up Art A-Level? I hear it's not the most technical work though - at least not enough to accurately emulate a university course.. aghh! The turmoils of having to make decisions for myself >_<

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