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So I am in year 12, and want to study Law in the future.. im hoping to either study at University of Glasgow or University of Edinburgh, I am taking Sociology, English literature and geography currently.

I am kind of worried, on whether my GCSE results will hold me back, as I see so many people applying to Edinburgh with very high GCSE results so will they hold me back? (pls help)

English Lang - 7
Eng lit - 7
Art - 7
Geography - 7
Combined Science - 7-6
History - 6
PE - 5
Maths - 5

Please help!
You will be able to surprise yourself with an A* or A grade, if you retake GCSE Maths, especially with the resources available online. :smile:
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I have always struggled with Maths so I dont think ill retake just have to apply to UNIS with grade 5 req
Tbh maths at 5 should be fine for most law schools. As I say quite often, have a look at the Unis websites under the subject to see what they state. Most are 4/5 for maths/English. Some are 6 but not many.

Some universities do place a lot of emphasis on your GCSE grades as a whole, but overall your GCSEs are fine/good.

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