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what uni course to pick

i’m taking biology chemistry psychology (year 12). i enjoy the most biology and psychology from these 3, but i enjoy the maths in chemistry (so far)
i used to want to study neuroscience in uni but i’m not so sure anymore bur i think i should decide soon
i want to do a job that will be rewarding but i want to avoid medicine as it’s hard to get into
these are my options that i’ve seen that suit me : biomedical science , neuroscience , psychology , psychiatry(medicine) ,neurosurgeon (medicine) and pharmacist
if anyone is doing these in university can u tell me the pros and cons and if the salary is rewarding
Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Cancer Biology and Immunology, Medical Microbiology, Virology and Immunology, you can transfer between any of the CMM programmes and do not have to decide on your final degree until the end of your second year. - highly flexible as your interests develop and with cutting-edge reseatch career potential -

Natural Sciences - - multi-disciplne science degree, again highly flexible and with a thousand potential graduate careers - watch the '5 Reasons' film for an explanation of how this degree program works.

Law - no specific A level subjects needed - only one example - so many different career specialisms and pathways, not all directly connected to Law.

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