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Biology related Geography NEA???

I want to link my NEA to biology because I plan to study this at uni. It has to be linked to coasts, changing places, or population and the environment. I was going to do investigate the affect of coastal management strategies on biodiversity by comparing biodiversity for a local 'hold the line' vs 'do nothing' stretch of coastline. However, we need to split it into three sub-questions with a different experimental method for each and I don't think I can do that with that question. I just wondered whether anyone had any ideas they might be willing to share?

I vaguely remember I had an idea about sand dune succession when I was thinking of ideas- you can definitely link that to biology somehow maybe? It's in the coasts topic (for Edexcel) so definitely worth looking at. I'm sorry I don't really know how you could split that into 3 sub questions because I didn't really build on the idea afterwards. Hopefully, this gives you some pointers though.:smile:

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