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How to structure a PS for LSE and Oxford

I will hoping to apply to an Economics and Politics course at LSE. At the same time however, I would like to throw my hat into the ring for PPE at Oxford.
Therefore I am wondering if there would be a way to make a reference to philosophy (as would be expected in a PPE PS) in a way that would not compromise the rigorous expectations LSE have for personal statements. (i.e. not making it overly obvious PPE was my first choice and focusing more on politics and economics).
Would a brief reference and reaction to an idea expressed in a book like Utilitarianism be sufficient? Or could I weave Philosophy into a section on politics, I will be reading An Introduction to Political Philosophy, perhaps referencing and discussing that would be relevant to philosophy?

And yes I know I'm starting my PS rather late for Oxford 😅
Oxford interview.
LSE make decisions based just on your application form (with a heavy emphasis on the PS).

Read the LSE course page detailed advice on your PS and make sure you meet their requirements.

Oxford make sure you meet their requirements and any additional work/tests are well prepared but don’t worry too much about your PS.

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