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best law unis

what unis are best for law, and also what a levels are recommended if you want to do a law degree?
I also wanna know, thanks
Oxbridge > LSE > UCL > KCL, Durham, Warwick > QMUL, Nottingham, Leeds etc.
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thank you !!
There are no required a levels for law; my friends did subjects ranging from chem, bio, further maths to english literature. Personally I think subjects that show analytical and essay writing skills (eg history, literature, economics) would be desirable tho
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yeah im think of doing english lit, politics and then religious studies and philosophy or history
Always good to have two traditional "facilitating" subjects if not three - I did three, History, English lit, German.
Of those listed above English lit and history are facilitating ones so combine those 2 with one of the others mentioned and that might be a good plan.

On the university list I would add Bristol before Warwick probably.
Here is a list here of some universities often used by the biggest best paying law firms which is quite a good guide too or look at linkedin profiles of trainee lawyers where you might like to work to see where they went.

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