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Hi everyone,

I have a concern in regards to my student finance and its status on my documents. I am completing my LPC LLM, however, I have been given the opporunity to take the MSc as part of my LPC and after looking further into the course details; it something I really want to take. Does anyone know whether this will get me into trouble is I change my award choice to LPC MSc rather than the LPC LLM? My tutors said that it would be fine as both LLM and MSc are masters of law and it would not be misleading student finance by not undertaking a LLM.

I dont want to get into trouble by having my student finance stating on thing and then my graduation state another. I hope this is not confusing, I haven't been able to reach anyone at student finance to ask for help.
Hey! I did the LPC MSC and the very same query came up for us! It literally doesn’t matter at all, you can even change the LLM to MSC and vice versa months after you begin the course. Don’t stress about it at all :smile:

And the MSC is definitely better and it looks better imo!
How did you guys find the LLM MSC? I am working full time and want to take it part time distance learning

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