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Has anyone done orthoptics/similar degree with an access to HE diploma and A-levels?

I am looking to do an access course in Science next year (I can't do this year as I'm not 19 yet) and I have a few questions.
I also completed my A-levels this year but I didn't receive the grades required for orthoptics which is why I'm considering doing an access course. I have contacted the three universities that offer orthoptics and am just waiting for them to reply back.
If I do an access course and I have A-levels, which qualification would the university take into consideration?
Do they look at the highest level of qualification achieved or the one that meets their requirements?
Also would the university consider me to be a weaker applicant if I have both qualifications as they are both Level 3?
I'd also be happy to hear about any personal experiences with the access course for science and how easy/hard it was to get into uni with it.

Thanks in advance!! :smile:
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I'll try answer this question to my best ability as we had the same question yesterday at our open day at University of Liverpool..

From memory, your A-Level grades will be weighted in your application in addition to your HE Access qualification. The entry requirement is typically 3 B's at A-Level to include a science subject and the entry for an access course is 30 credits achieved at disctinction and 15 credits at merit.

In addition to the grades, the admissions team are looking for a strong personal statement that conveys your interest in Orthoptics, so have a look online or get in touch with a local Orthoptics department to get some experience, this will be extremely useful!

I can't speak advise if they'd consider you a weaker applicant if you have A-Levels and an Access. Again, it's all about showing the admissions team that you're interested in Orthoptics and your personal statement isn't too general.

On a personal note, my experience doing the Access course was excellent. I did Biology, Maths and Chemistry and I didn't come from a sciencey/maths background at all! It was taught at a really nice pace with an emphasis of independent study. ie, the contact hours are alot less compared to A Levels. I can't really speak about how hard it is get into University with it but I had offers from all my 5 picks on UCAS including optometry and orthoptics but I had some work experience working for an Optician.

Hope this has answered some questions for you. Don't hesistate to get in touch via here or Instagram.

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Hi, thank you so much for the reply! This information will be really useful to me and I appreciate it. :smile:
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