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Universities offering mixed humanities courses English and Creative Writing

Hi everyone, (Disclaimer: I'm terrible with making choices and committing them so constantly in a state of flux about what I want to study. I'm on a gap year at the moment). My question is the following: do you know of any highly reputed universities (Russell Group preferably, but I'm also interested in University of East Anglia and other universities that are up there) offering courses that would combine music, philosophy and english? I know that some universities offer Liberal Arts. However, I'm concerned that it's a degree that would be quite haphazard and disorganised: to me it seems they're a bit all over the place and don't offer a structured course, and I'd have to go from one place to another for different subject lectures. Also, I get the impression that employers don't take them so seriously. Apart from that, I was wondering about English and Creative Writing courses and people's opinions on those. I've looked around on The Student Room and the consensus seems to be that it's more worthwhile going for an English literature degree and writing on the side, through joining a creative writing society for example. Could anyone who's studied English and Creative Writing, or Creative Writing provide an opinion on whether the creative writing part is worthwhile? Do you feel that it has significantly improved your skills so as to bolster your potential in a professional context? Cheers. Have a good one, wherever you are.
I know both Manchester and Leeds offer a joint English Literature and Creative Writing course. Have you taken a class in creative writing before? I think regarding whether to study creative writing or just English, some things to consider are whether you enjoy writing from prompts and whether your writing improves more from reading and learning about the mechanics of good writing, or from practicing writing and getting feedback.

Have you watched any taster lectures? You might find that one of the subjects you mentioned is something you enjoy but wouldn't want to study at uni, which would narrow your choices.

I've never taken a class in creative writing, although one of my English teachers did used to get us to work on creative writing once a week or so, and made us write a novella one winter term. Looking back, the feedback I got from those was helpful and moved my work forward a lot. However, I've never tried writing from prompts - don't know how I hadn't considered that but thanks for the suggestion!

The taster lectures are a brilliant suggestion. Will crack on with those now!

Thanks so much!

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