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Increasing my cals by 100-200 a day

If I add 100-200 calories onto my daily intake everyday will I gain much fat? I’ll be training regularly and hitting my protein still
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The following assumes you're currently eating at maintenance calories. 1kg of fat requires 7,700 calories of energy. so if you eat 200 above maintenance every single day, it will take you 38.5 days to put on 1kg of fat. This is also assuming that every single calorie of that surplus is going to fat and none to muscle growth, and some will go towards muscle growth if you're weight training. So you would gain slightly less than 1kg per month, some of which will be muscle. I would say this rate of weight gain is quite good if you want to build muscle. It's when people gain like 1kg per week where it mostly goes to fat, because muscle can't be built that fast.

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