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What are your goals for October???

October is almost upon us- don't ask me how, it feels like it was June yesterday.
Anyway, with a new month around the corner, why not set some goals for yourself for the next month?!

My goals:
Stay on top of college work
Sort out my sleep schedule (~8 hours a night)
Get back into exercising- I've started to do this over the last week so hopefully I continue into October !

Feel free to share any you have below and come back to update us on your progress at the end of the month :woo:
want to continue to write up condensed notes and create flashcards after every lesson
go to sleep earlier so i feel less tired in the morning
get my personal statement done, i’ve done loads of drafts but just want it out of the way now.
Staying alive.
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Staying alive.

Always a good plan
To get on a plane for the first time in 4 years. I am terrified of flying, well not flying, but feeling trapped. I am determined to go on my Halloween holiday but right now I just can't see how my nerves will get through it especially now that I can't have a few drinks like I used to do to calm my nerves since I am on methotrexate now
To settle in, be positive and keep up with the workload
and more but yeah
Lose weight
Keep on top of my uni work

That's about it really. Everything else is just obligatory parental stuff.

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