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Transfering universitys..is it worth it please help? watch

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    im currently studying an automotive engineering design degree at a london universtiy (im not going to name any names or locations). i chose this degree as it seemed the university provided the course very well judging by the open day i went to plus it was a low entry point course (140 ucas points)....

    now after studying this course for seven weeks alot of bad factors have become aparent....

    first of all on the open day the university promised alot of extra curicular engineering activities, which now after seven weeks ,they are not willing to provide....

    secondly maths is part of our sylabus and on our first maths lesson we got taught the principles of addittion and subtraction, which personaly i found to be a complete joke as we are studying a b,eng degree, not a year 2 maths lesson. and now nobody takes the lecturer seriously and the lecture is a complete shambles.

    furthermore engineering drawing is part of our sylabus and for the first 3 drawing/design lessons the unviersity could not provide us with drawing boards to complete our assignemnts. which resulted in me only being able to complete half the course work needed and geting barely half the grade i should have achieved.

    and to top it off most of the students on the course dont seem to care about getting good grades on the course and are here to get the bare minimum deggree, which i think reflects on the entry points for the course.

    im realy not sure what to do in this situation.. do i stick it out for the year and try to transfer to a better uni next year which regards higher entry points to get in. or shal i just give up wile i can before my tution fee deadline and start again next year? im woried if i try and stick it out for the teaching year, due to the poor co-ordination of the course i will gt low grades and not be able to transfer..and on the other hand i do not want to waste another year. please can any1 give sum sugestions?

    The best thing to do would be getting in touch with other universities which you would be interested in going to, I would think they would be less willing to take you as a transfer if you are at a lower university but it's worth asking. Does the first year actually count towards your degree? If it does I would say it would be better to start again from scratch next year as you have already lost out on good marks from the lack of equipment etc.

    I transferred after my first year and I am so glad I did now. I actually went down the league table of universities but I much prefer the place, the people and I am getting much better marks. I wasn't sure if they would let me transfer so I contacted the admissions people and they were very helpful so I definitly think contacting someone would be the best idea.

    It really sounds like you have a good reason to leave, start talking to people now so you can make a good decision. I was going to drop out at christmas but after talking to the admissions people at the other university I decided to stick out the rest of the year and transfer so I didn't waste time or money.

    Hope that helped a bit!
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    cheers kirsty that really helped thank you!! i have good grades from colege to help back me up, as i somehow got double distinctions. but i just wory i will get bad grades this year and unis will think otherwise. my first year does not count toward my final degree but im woryed the next 2 years will end up being as bad as the first. but thank you for your advice realy has changed my thoguhts
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