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Corpus Christi Oxford food and access

I was deciding between Balliol and Corpus Christi because they offer accommodation for all years of your degree, usually. And they have all the facilities, except a multi-faith prayer room, which I'm not too bothered about because I'll be praying in my room anyway.

In the end, I applied to Corpus Christi because the OUISOC page said they serve halal food (lamb, turkey, chicken and beef). Is the food good? I know Balliol is more central and close to a lot of halal shops, but I chose CCC because I thought it'd be less expensive to get food from there.

Is CCC close to the shops on bikes?
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there’s a few halal shops on cowley road, you’d probs be around 15-25 mins walk from them depending on where you go. you also have a couple of sainsburys and a tesco in a 10 min walking radius (so obvs even quicker on a bike in both cases!) And in terms of how central they are, i don’t think there’s much difference between the two colleges. Second and third year accommodation at Corpus can be a bit spread out but it’s always within easy cycling distance of shops and the centre.
corpus hall food is usually pretty good! the kitchens are open to suggestions from students and take lots of feedback as well. i don’t have dietary requirements so can’t speak firsthand but friends that do usually seem happy with the food they get!
One thing that's worth remembering is that all the distances in Oxford are extremely small compared to many other universities. The very furthest out college is less than a mile from the city centre. Balliol and Corpus are quarter of a mile apart - three minutes on a bike according to Googlemaps.

The only undergraduate colleges which I wouldn't describe as "close to shops on bikes" are St Hughs and maybe St Catz, and even they're not far away.

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