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Please give me the answer of these Queations:

Is it easy OR within 1 month one can enter in UK with valid Student Visa and one can get the Student Visa without Interview and without IELTS ?

After Complete the Study,One can stay over there for 4 Years on the basis of sponsership OR Getting the Job?

Is there in this Forum who can help me to Tell me which is possible way to enter in UK?

Is any one Already settle in UK from this forum who came from India On student Visa and from Mumbai Agent Who help you to Send You Uk in 1 Month? If there is one then please mail me on this email me Address:[email protected] m,[email protected]

Is there any Government Rules from 4 OR 5 Years that One who come in UK as Student Visa, has to go back to his own County Once his Study complete?

Is it Possible for a Student to Enter In UK without Agent within 1 Month?If yes then Please tell me How?

If you Know the answer of this queations then please reply me or mail me on this email Address:[email protected] m,[email protected]
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