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AQA French Alevel help

does anyone have any advice to improve grades in alevel french - I am doing AQA and am finding it the most difficult subject at the moment of all my alevels
any revision suggestions/ resources would be really helpful :smile:
Hi! Are there any specific topics or skills that you find challenging?

I strongly suggest keeping up with what's happening in Francophone countries regularly, as this can help boost your knowledge for your speaking exam. Additionally, it might be a good idea to change your phone/device's settings to French - you subconsciously end up getting more used to the language. Use flashcards to memorise key vocab and statistics (for speaking), and keep doing practice papers, and getting them marked.

For the essays, I suggest making mindmaps or flashcards for the key themes, main characters, the plot, author/director's intentions etc. I make these throughout the year so that I'm ready to revise them during exam season. Before exams, I go through the flashcards once again, paying particular attention to the themes I do not understand (Anki is a very good flashcard app for this). Then, I pretty much just use the blurting method to write down everything I remember from the flashcards, and go over the things I missed out on later. Get your practice essays marked regularly!

Another thing for speaking - if there are other people in your class, or if you know any native speakers, try and speak to them in French as often as you can, it may help you feel more confident in your abilities :smile:

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