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Some people preach “inclusion” but never honour it

Just because someone is silent, introvert or whatsoever, it doesn't mean the person is cool or doesn't want friends. Some people preach “inclusion” but never honour it. They simply treat those who aren't sociable enough as garbage. I feel really hurt by this.
It is always very annoying to hear a noisy jerk preaching incessantly or smugly acting in a holier than thou manner for audience admiration and applause.
Liars and hyprocites are even more troublesome nuisances.

But it is also important to understand that closed off body language and generally choosing to avoid most social interaction or physical contact can lead to the projection of misleading first impressions.
The kind that will discourage people from initiating potentially unwanted contact that would generate very unfavourable responses in someone who prefers their own company.
Best to steer clear of the inclusion and respect agendas.
Along with all those who have jumped on either bandwagon without bothering to consider the limits and potential consequences.

It is very easy to misread the non-verbal body language and social cues of a person who is very reserved or shy.
Such people's body language and other signals can often be very misleading or confusing.
Giving most people the impression that the person is disinterested in them, haughty, hostile or just wants to be left alone.
Some people will then ignore and focus on their own circle of friends or those who give the impression of being more willing to positively interact.
While others will feel slighted and get a sense of being perceived as boring/irrelevant/inferior.
Then start making digs, snide accusations or take a defensive stance.

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