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Bowlby’s theory on attachment and his 44 thrives study??

How does Bowlbys attachment theory (being biological and having an evolutionary advantage) link to his 44 thrives study? Because i believe his theory on attachment came after?
Also, was Bowlby the first to propose this biological approach to human attachment?
thank you !
So in forensic Psychology, Bowlby's maternal deprivation theory and the 44 thieves study is part of the psychodynamic approach to explaining offending behaviour.
Maternal Deprivation Theory
forming meaningful relationships in adulthood is dependent on the child forming a warm continuous relationship with a mother-figure.
If they don't form such a relationship in the critical period of a child's life so up to 2 years im pretty sure then the child is most likely going to experience irreversible consequences which is similar to the results of the Romanian Orphans.
One consequence is developing the personality type of affectionless psychopathy. This Is characterised by lack of guilt, empathy and feeling for others.
So as a result of maternal deprivation, those individuals are more likely to commit crimes etc
So his 44 thieves study proved just this, where the 14 in the sample that showed behaviours that are part of affectionless psychopathy actually had that prolonged seperation/maternal deprivation in the early stages of their lives.

And yes I am pretty sure that Bowlby was the first to develop a biological approach to attachment as Harlow and Lorenz came after and sort of reaffirmed parts of Bowlby's attachment theory by applying it to animals and generalising.

Hope that helps.

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