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    Please keep anon.

    I have IBS which isn't extreme as most cases.

    Mine is a weird case of IBS as I don't always need the toilet. Sometimes it is the complete opposite.

    Anyways, Its really bad when I am in an uncomfortable situation. If I am doing an exam or a presentation, I put myself under loads of pressure simply because my body reacts in a strange way.

    For example, last year I went into an exam that I have revised very hard for. I guess I could say i was a bit more stressed for this one, as it was morning. And on a morning I have to keep a close as on what to eat.
    I went into the exam but my stomach was going wild. It felt like something was moving around in there. It was silent, and people were looking at me. I was sweating because I was that embarresed. When my stomach moves like that it creates a heck load of wind, so i was also trying to hold that it. I just couldn't take it, I couldnt concentrate so I walked out of the exam when I still had about an 45 mins left. The torturing thing was that we cant leave the exam room until 1 hour into the exam so i was just sitting there, i was almost crying.

    Now, I hate exams. And presentations. Same thing happens.

    But theres nothing I can do about that, I have been to my doctor, and I have been prescribed mevberine/colofac.

    I have to totally watch what I eat, because my stomach comes right out as if i'm pregnant if I don't. I used to eat lots of rubbish and not care as I'm in a serious relationship. But one day I looked in the mirror and realised how bad its getting me down.

    So i've started dieting. The reason is because I just feel fat when I look in the mirror, because on my belly. I'm on about less than 900 calories a day. And my stomach on a morning looks fab, but as soon as anything goes into my mouth, my belly comes straight out. So this is just making me not want to eat. What would be easier, sucking my stomach in all day or just not eating? I know this attitude is stupid towards my food. But i've had about 3 people ask if im pregnant in the past.

    I am cutting out wheat and everything. I'm trying to eat salads and stuff, hence why I am on less than 900 calories. But this still makes my stomach bloating. I can feel it too. When I push my stomach I can feel all of the gas moving around even when i've had nothing to eat.

    As far as I'm aware, there is nothing for serious bloating problems.
    I've tried looking. And when I went to my doctor, I thought that these tablets she prescribed me would sort that out, but they don't.

    I don't know what I expect you all to say I guess I just wanted to get this off my chest.

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