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Oxford Graduate Accommodations

Do y'all know which Oxford colleges let graduate student live "within walls" ie on the main site? Thanks!
You can search here:

I would also say places like Worcester have houses that are technically ‘off site’ but are a few hundred metres from the porters lodge so check each accommodation website carefully.
So according to the website, 73% of first year grad students lived in college accomodation but as no applicant is guaranteed admission It is difficult. -- I would have a look at the individual colleges & how many units they have and cross ref it with the college pages

University College - says that most graduate accommodation is on main site.
Trinity - have a few on main site (majority not).
St. Antony - mostly on main site.
Harris Manchester - main site (single occupancy).
St. Hugh's - main college site
Somerville - seems mainly main site.
Wadham - some on main site, but says (currently) all graduate students will receive accommodation and mostly off site.
st cross - some on main site.
st johns - (mostly?) main site and says (most) new to Oxford students get accommodation.
Jesus - some on main site.

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