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What is the likely forecast for our energy troubles? watch

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    Hello there,

    this is a bit of an open ended question but it is obviously a very important one in this day and age. With population increasing, fossil fuels depleting (as well as polluting) and people living longer, more prosperous lives, the government need to wake up and smell the sustainable, carbon neutral, environmentally friendly coffee. I'm not a crazy over the top activist but i am a concerned British citizen who is wary of what the future may bring.

    What really annoys me is that the government are only making the problem worse. For instance, you may have heard a couple of weeks back that Gordon Brown was in discussions with middle-eastern oil bosses to try and ease the credit crunch by reducing the oil prices. NO! This is only a quick fix and will only increase our dependancy on fossil fuels, not to mention the adverse effect on the environment it will bring.

    It seems to me that funding into new, renewable energy sources is always put on the back burner, set aside and put off for another time so we needn't worry about it now.

    The purpose of this thread is really to gauge opinion on this topic. Where are we heading? What are our options? Pros and cons of new energy sources. I for one am an avatar for more research into nuclear fusion as a means of creating sustainable, clean energy.

    All opinions welcome and i'll shut up now because i sound very "preach-y" :yep:

    We need to reduce our reliance on oil, but at the moment the situation isn't critical enough and it's too inconvenient for people. I think it would be a good idea for as many people to become self sufficient energy wise as possible, by using wind turbines, solar panels, water wheels etc. I have a particular hatred for Bill Oddie for his stance on wind farms :mad:

    In an ideal world we would completely change our way of life. Richard Register has some amazing ideas, they are based on reducing urban sprawl and condensing settlements into a few high rise buildings. These buildings are more efficient to heat, and they would reduce the need for cars as everything would be within walking distance.

    Realistically though, I don't think anything is going to change much in the next couple of decades. People will only start to care when the oil runs out. I've written a long essay on the advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy sources


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