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Should I feel guilty?

I bought this amazing pair of leather boots online, it suited my style and imo looked unique.

After purchasing the item, I read the description and materials of the boots and found out the boots are made from real leather.

I am in mixed views because I really liked the style of the boots however at the same time I was disgusted that the materials are made from real leather.

I try to lead a more sustainable lifestyle like purchasing clothing/shoes that are made from sustainable materials and just generally being more conscious about the environment.

I’m in two minds whether to return the boots and get a refund or just to keep the boots.

If I was to keep the boots, should I feel guilty?
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Well as a vegan I'd say take them back. But it's amoral dilemma so I guess the question is... how much do you really care about your ethical approach? Is it something really deep in you? Good luck!
what is the quality of the shoes like? if you think they'll last you a long time, and you'll wear them often, then it is probably more sustainable to keep them, rather than getting multiple other pairs that might not last as long. presumably the shoes have already been made, so the cow is already dead (sorry) quite often leather is a by-product from the meat industry.

if you were to get a similar pair made of artificial leather, one thing to consider would be the material it's made from plants? or plastic?


if it were me I think I'd keep the shoes as long as they were high quality and I really liked them :smile: (but I would have read the description first and maybe not bought them in the first place)
No- there is no reason for you to feel guilty whatever decision you make. :smile:

Always trust your gut instinct and listen to what your common sense is telling you.
I'm not vegan or vegetarian but I try to avoid buying all leather & other animal skin containing items.
I find the smell and look of them very off-putting.
Sometimes a few of these types of items will come my way as gifts or substituted products automatically sent to replace ordered out of stock items.
If the item looks very good or it is necessary to keep for a while to avoid upsetting the gifter, I usually keep for at least 6 months.
Otherwise I re-gift to someone who I know likes animal containing products or donate to a charity shop.
Good luck!
There is no point in worrying over something you did unintentionally. Get over it and decide never to buy any leather goods which make you feel guilty.
Listen to your heart, so you can return them and look for other boots made from some other items.
Real leather is actually more ethical than vegan leather in some ways. It can last ages, and the breakdown of it doesn't release microplastics like vegan leather does. Best to buy a couple of high quality hard wearing shoes than have a dozen plastic ones imo
I like how someone chose and bought a pair of leather boots and is now disgusted they are leather and as described.

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