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My son is looking at applying for a Graduate Apprenticeship in Scotland because he is not overly keen at studying full time at Uni.
It would be appreciated if those with experience could give advice on their experience what Uni can offer other than the social side just to give him as much info as possible.
Also he has 5 "A" grade at higher including Maths and Physics and predicted further "A" grade on 2 advanced higher and 2 higher so based on that if he applied to the likes of Glasgow Uniwith those grades would he stand a good chance of being accepted?
Any other advice you think might assist him would be appreciated.
I got unconditionals for MEng mechanical engineering Glasgow, Edinburgh and Strathclyde with 5A at Higher. I applied for those 3 and also Strathclyde Engineering Academy as an insurance early December and planned to decide on 5th choice before the deadline, but got my first unconditional for Glasgow mid January so didnt have to. I got unconditional from Edinburgh mid Feb and after a long wait end of March from Strathclyde. Your son has great grades and with a good school reference and PS dont see why he wouldnt get offers for civil.

I cant say much about uni as I have only been there 4 weeks, but I think a graduate apprenticeship if you can get one would give you great work experience which in is engineering is important. Uni and a good apprenticeship are equally good and well regarded ways into engineering.
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Well done getting accepted into all those universities especially getting into the masters.

It’s good to know that he has a very good chance of getting into Glasgow if he doesn’t go down the apprenticeship route.

I hope the course meets your expectations and hopefully the course is now back to normal timetable this year unlike the previous two years which had made it tough for students.
Thank you, I chose to go to Strathclyde. Both very good unis, but Strathclyde has a better engineering reputation than Glasgow (and harder to get in to than Glasgow for engineering). I also was not impressed Glasgow have been in the process of getting their Mech eng degree reaccredited for over 2 years now. Look into both unis and their courses. Many believe as Glasgow is part of the russell group it is better but if you read up on it you will see that doesnt matter for engineering,

If you go to the open days for both unis, you can ask them about MEng and BEng and they will tell you the courses are the same for the first 2-3 years, if you apply for the MEng and don't average 60% you will be transferred to BEng in 3rd year. If you are in their BEng and get the grades you can transfer to MEng at the end of year 2.

All lectures/labs/tutorials are in the uni and we are in 5 days a week.
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Sorry, my usual, I read through your email too quickly and thought you went to Glasgow. Strathclyde does seem to be the place to go for Mechanical Engineering going by the reviews but for some reason Glasgow seems stronger for civils.

Must be a similar set up to Edinburgh uni and possibly most others regarding progression to masters, my other son is at Edinburgh uni doing a Masters in Maths and he was telling me very similar things about the progression to masters.

Thanks again.

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