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Is the LNAT test harder than the sample practice tests

Please don't make fun of me if this is a stupid question. I have been preparing for my LNAT for a few months now, but today did the practice papers on the LNAT website - I got 27 on one but 21 on the other and 19 on one after that. I have been consistently performing higher than that (I have a score average of 29.5) but I feel like the book I've been using (The Ultimate LNAT Guide) has lulled me into thinking I'm better at it than I actually am. Are the sample tests the same difficulty as the LNAT itself, or am I just truly ****ed?
for me i also use ultimate lnat guide and ive found that the passages are quite a lot easier in there than on any practice tests ive tried online (arbitio, official lnat practice) but i have also heard that arbitio is harder than the actual lnat.. so it sounds like the actual lnat is in the middle of the ultimate lnat guide and arbitio (my scores have reflected as such)
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The ones on the LNAT are supposedly the most accurate In terms of difficulty and passages. Arbitio Is supposed to be a lot harder than the real thing hence why you are more likely to get a lower score whereas the ultimate LNAT guide seems to be a lot easier in terms of passage difficulty according to people I know who have already done it.

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