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Can't wait to enjoy winter times.
What do you prefer?
Winter or Summer?
Winter nights are so lovely and summer nights are sometimes unbearable so probably winter is the season I prefer :wink:
Out of two, I prefer Summer. But really I like Spring best
Summer Summer
The most amusing nights are in summer.:cool:
Winter it would be.
The start of Winter is my fave because of the autumnal weather, but then it gets too cold....
My fav weather is before it's too cold, and before it's too hot.
So when temperature is moderate
Winter is my favourite :tongue: :love: i love winter clothing. I don't like being warm and sticky. At least with winter there are ways of warming up because compared to summer theres only so many items you can remove :sigh:
summer nights out
Sitting at home listening to rain sound, feeling warm is moments I love.
I prefer summer since i am sick all the time in winter.
Winter forever :smile:
summer easily

Don't like fall and winter fashion.
Don't like the gloominess.
Don't like Xmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, halloween ect
Don't like the cold

There's not one thing I can think of thats enjoyable this time of year up until summer.
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Winter in my opinion. Summer is too hot for me.
Prefer the snow or frosty roads to very hot temperatures.

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