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Need opinions on the script for a 7 minute presentation

I'm a CSE student and I've a 7 minute presentation on Tuesday and I would like it if any of you could share your thoughts on the script for the presentation? It's on a project we did for a course. It's mentioning Gantt charts, project methodology, etc.

”Create a 7-9 minute long presentation. Focus on modus operandi and project methodology. Examples of questions that should be answered: What methods have you used and how have you adapted them to your project? What mistakes did you make and how could you have done differently? What are the key learnings - present them as "Keep" - "Try" - "Problem"."

- Modus operandi and adaptations

In order to make a successful project, it is important to have a working method. One of the most important aspects of a successful working method is good planning. The planning should contain a structure for how the work is to be carried out, as well as a timetable. The working method should be adapted to the specific project and its objectives. In this project, the goal was to create a presentation. We used reflection meetings, shared documents and files, clear rules and communication, a division of labor, an iterative work process and Gantt charts. Reflection meetings are valuable for communication in the group. They create a milestone to plan around regularly. Shared documents and files are also valuable because they allow the group to share work, even if someone is missing. Clear rules and communication are also important for a functioning cooperation. The division of labor is also important for functioning group work. Iterative work process is important for successive improvement. Gantt charts are important for longer projects with multiple dependent parts."

- Mistakes and solutions

During the course of the work, we made some mistakes. One of the mistakes was that we did not have a clear division of programming. This led to communication problems in the group. The solution to this problem was better planning and with good margin being able to submit each assignment. Another mistake we made was not having a good understanding of EV3 Classroom. This led to programming problems. The solution to this problem was that we investigated the programming environment and how the various elements worked. A third mistake we made was not having a well-thought-out plan. This led to problems during the course of the work. The solution to this problem was that we did thorough and well-thought-out planning at the beginning of the project. We revised the plan during the course of the work. A fourth mistake we made was that we had misconceptions about the project task. This led to us not doing the right work. The solution to this problem was that we found quick answers to all questions before the project started.

- Important lessons learned

One of the most important lessons we took with us from this project is that project work is based at least as much on functioning collaboration and willingness to work as individual experiences. Another important lesson we took away is that it is important to avoid procrastination. This is especially important for group work because it affects not only yourself but also others. A third important lesson is that it is easy to underestimate the amount of work in a project. Therefore, it is important to plan carefully and with margin. A fourth important lesson is that it is important to check the work often and several times. This is important to find any errors and delays. A final important lesson is that it is project work. Therefore, it is important to take part in the help of others if you get stuck in your work. It's also important to remember that everything builds on previous work.

Would appreciate any thoughts you have on this!
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Here are just some general comments. I don't know how the presentation will be marked so I don't know if this is helpful at all.

What is the title of the presentation?
Maybe consider starting with the Project Objective.
Then, when the scope of the project is clear, mention the timeline and resources available for the project.
Discuss the phases included in the plan Eg requirements gathering, design, etc.
Were roles assigned to team members? Was there a project manager who was responsible for the plan?
How frequently were team meetings held? How frequently were communications made to stakeholders (ie those people with an interest in the project who should be kept updated as to progress)?

It is good that the gantt chart was updated throughout the project to reflect reality. Perhaps comment on how this impacted the timeline/resources used/ and if scope changes were required (eg make the project smaller in scope if less time was available)?

Were the project objectives met?

The text at the top recommends using 'Try Keep Problem' to present the findings.

A review at the end of the project is good to look at lessons learned. Exactly what would change in your methodology if you were to do a similar project again?

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