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    (Original post by flugestuge)
    That might make sense for a PhD.
    But choosing Cam for a Master's level course simply because they are good for 2 modules
    is like choosing QM (:lolwut: ) because they are "good at IP " ( which they are )
    But then, if you wanted to study straight IP, wouldn't the intelligent choice be to choose to study at QMUL? In the very least you should go to a London college where they offer a huge range of options rather than opting for a course which offers one.

    It's actually two subject areas, 4 modules. And even though I'd probably only take three of them if I went, it is not as if Cam don't top the table on a number of other subjects as well.

    I don't believe the BCL actually opens that many more doors. Granted, it may add something if I wanted to go to the commercial Bar (but then, it wouldn't really 'open doors' in a strict sense as you'd already really need an Oxbridge first undergrad degree anyway) but if you want to become a solicitor it would be virtually useless, as it would if you ended up leaving law altogether. At the moment, my career plans involve me going into academia though and, as far as the people I've consulted go, what I've found is that a candidate isn't necessarily in any better or worse position if they go to either when applying for work. And then, of course, as soon as you have some sort of job, your success is dictated by your publication output rather than where you went to university.

    (Original post by nm88)
    Yeah I'm in my final year. Went for Merton and Trinity as college choices.

    Yeah, I applied to LSE, UCL, Ox and Cam, and got offers from all. I was going to go to UCL as they have an amazing public/human rights LLM there, but now I've been offered the BCL i'm deffo going to Ox (provided I get a first).

    Regarding the Cam/Ox debate, I know it does sound crap but my tutor has told me that the kudos the BCL carries is immense. Also, Ox is brilliant for jurisprudence. In any case, during application time I felt that the Cambridge LLM had nothing to inspire me (particularly as I wanted to do public law stuff)- and they didnt seem to put ANY effort into their LLM section on the Faculty website- most of the courses didn't even have module outlines etc. around application time.

    Then again, it's best to go where you think you'll be happiest. They're both amazing courses which many people would chew their arm off to do!
    Merton seems to have the pick of 95% of the candidates I know. Obviously, the scholarship options persuaded most people to give them a shot!

    I've heard about this jurisprudence dominance elsewhere but then, I doubt I'd take a philosophy module so it’s a bit like considering Cambridge because they dominate the international law subjects even though I'm not an international lawyer, lol.

    I actually found the video introductions on the Cambridge LLM website really useful. Plus, most of the time they do give module outlines and sometimes a general reading list, and I know that they have been there for a few years at least, so I guess it must have been the modules you were looking at. :confused: Everyone always has a preference between website approaches/interfaces- eg Westlaw v Lexis?- so perhaps it was partly helped by that.

    Anyway, I think your final sentence sums the situation up aptly. Good luck getting the grades!

    Hi guys,

    I wanted to know whether you must answer A(12) if you are applying for the Cambridge LLM? It may seem a blindingly obvious question, but although it states 'Applicants for PhD, MSc or MLitt only', I am unsure as to whether it is relating to the requested supervisor section.

    Any answers would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank youu

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