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Warwick maths applicants 2023

Has the entry requirements changed?

I'm doing the MAT for Oxford anyways so it doesn't affect me as much but I noticed the course page for Warwick now says either suitable grade in admissions test or a* in third subject or aa in third and fourth. This is different to what I was told on open day and what I read before?

Does this mean you can get in without an admissions test if you get higher grades or have I misunderstood?
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I assume it just means you’ll be considered with the same weighting if you get the third A* even if you don’t do as well as they’d like in the MAT. Also good luck with it! Those questions 2 and 5 are RUTHLESS.
Yes, either offer is fine, but if you were told something different on the open day I would email admissions to be sure.

Up until 2021 entry the requirements were the same as listed on the course page and brochure this year. For 2022 entry they removed the A*A*A* and A*A*AA offers so you had to take and do well in an admissions test to get in this year (unless you had a contextual offer), but for 2023 entry it looks like the A*A*A*/A*A*AA offers have returned.

(If I had to guess, they removed the third A* / third and fourth AA offers for 2022/23 to filter out more applicants due to the course being very oversubscribed in 2020/21 and 21/22, but now that exams are back to normal they can expect reasonable numbers with the previous offer conditions)

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