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FM for uni (Economics)

I want to go to a univetsity like cambridge or LSE for an economics degree, however I was not sure if FM would be useful in helping me gat an admission in these unis.

My current choices are Econ, Maths and Physics and I'm still thinking of a forth, so does it have to be FM if I do want to go to these universities, or can I chose something else such as another science or technology.
FM is expected by LSE if your school offers it. They are actually pretty clear about this on their website - and to note, most years over 90% of successful applicants to LSE single honours economics will have FM. Suffice it to say if your school offers it and you don't take it, you would not be a competitive applicant.

Cambridge is a little harder to pin down since they do consider things holistically, but I believe the general consensus is that the majority of successful applicants are taking FM and so it does correlate to success in applying there, although there isn't so much of a causal link as with LSE.

So yes, you should take FM if you are aiming for those unis.

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