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is it worth applying to oxford law with average gcses?

my gcses:
999877766 (got A*s in my HLs) - I joined mid y11 from IB MYP and struggled with anxiety. But also, my school is extremely competitive and I'd just be average.

my IB predicted:
777 (HL)

I'm planning to sit the LNATs and I also took the SAT - 1540 (as i'm also applying to US)

I have a strong personal statement, ECs + work experience.
I've heard Oxford places importance on GCSEs - is it worth applying?
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You’re unlikely to get in but so is almost everyone who applies including those who get in. It’s probably still worth a shot as one of your 5.

Just try not to get too attached to Oxford dreams since rejection can be crushing in January when you really should study for exams. Remember also that lots of geniuses get rejected every year who go on to do amazing things and be extremely successful.

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