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I think someone smashed a window

Was on a night out, went afters and I think someone there purposely smashed a window. Should I call the police or leave for the occupants to deal with
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I think that it’s up to the permanent occupants of the flat and the landlord to decide what happens. You can always provide information if they ask you, but I doubt they’ll appreciate you running to the police if they intend to get it repaired without looking to involve the authorities.
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Give your contact details to the occupants as a witness, but only if you have something more concrete than "I think someone purposely smashed a window".

Where was this, did you see it happen, can you give a name, a description? Maybe it can just be repaired under insurance.
There's no point if you don't know who did it.
As Yalia said, there is no point if you don't know who did it like don't even waste your time.

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