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Changing A level options

I am just coming up to the end of my first half-term and am beginning to regret my A-level choices. After originally doing Biology, Maths and economics, i am now doing Maths, Geography and economics. However i am finding geography really boring. i Thought Geography would be better to do as it may be easier than Biology, but now i feel that biology would open more doors in the future,( i don't know what i want to do later on), and i would enjoy it more over the next two years.
i thought about asking about changing to biology but i just feel like my teachers will say no and that its too late, i know i am hard-working and should be able to catch up but i feel like there is no hope. i just don't know what to do.
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I mean - if you want to switch back its better to ask than not ask at all in my opinion. I was in somewhat of a similar situation last year and I just asked and went from there.
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Always ask! Never assume.
I’m doing biology a-level now and my school did 2 topics in the the first half-term (cells & microscope, and biodiversity). It’s better to ask now than later because you can catch up during the half term and also we are not too far into the topics.

The most important thing is that you are sure you really want to do biology rather than “well that will look good”. I believe that we all heard of the very specific mark scheme in a-level biology and how it is a content heavy subject. If you like the subject itself, and are good with all these potential obstacles, then definitely ask! Maybe reason and argue with them if they say no - schools should be supportive and if they are not, push them.

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