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Uni coursers involving art

I really want to study fine art in uni but I won't because I want a stable career. Can someone suggest some other courses/careers that involve art? I know architecture but I'm not sure what else
You can't go into architecture with a fine art degree - you would still need to do an architecture degree.

There are lots of creative art and design courses available, but they do not lead to the same careers - many are specific to a particular area either due to accreditation requirements (e.g. architecture, landscape architecture) or the demands of the industry requiring specialization (e.g. animation, graphic design, games art).

Most creative arts/design roles these days are contract based, so you are either freelancing or going from one fixed term contract to the next. Permanent positions are relatively less common in most areas of the arts industry, and usually for more senior roles, typically assuming you will have spent some time working in those contract/freelance roles to develop experience. Thus no matter what careers tend to not be that "stable" to start with anyway.
You could do a fine art with something (joint degree)
Example art and psychology / English/ film and theatre/
A fine art degree could be the foundation for a further course in scenic design

I know that fine artists with psychology have gone into art therapy
There is also an education degree with art or a fine art followed by PGCE but teaching isn’t for everyone.
Personally a degree followed by teacher qualification makes more sense if you turn out to hate kids.
Hi there,
Have you considered exploring a career in the creative industry? At Escape Studios, we offer Game Art, Animation and VFX degrees, and we have very strong links with industry. Let me know if this is something that sounds interesting to you, and I'd be happy to give you some more info!
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