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Biomedical or Chemistry degree

Which is harder?
Original post by iwannadoscience
Which is harder?

I feel like this is a very subjective question, and depends majorly on where your interests lie. Which subjects come easily to you? Which concepts are you interested in learning? What do you want to do later down the line? These might be some good starting points to think on.

Hope this helps!
Depends on your interest doesnt it.

Look at a range of Chem courses and a range of Biomed etc courses and think about what realy interests you eough to do a 3 or 4 year degrre in that area.

Chemistry, Chemistry with Management, Chemistry for Drug Discovery - with optional study abroad or a work placement - with the ability to switch between courses after the first year -

Pharmacy / Pharmaceutical Sciences -

Biomedical Science -

Medical Science - 3 different pathways -

Virology, Cancer Biology, Immunology, Medical Microbiology, Cellular & Molecular Medicine, - with possible switches between subject pathways

Neuroscience -

Genetics -
Original post by iwannadoscience
Which is harder?

Hey @iwannadoscience

I study biochemistry, but the course I chose has a mix of pure biology and pure chemistry modules in year one so I have some experience of the content in both.

In my experience biology modules have more memorisation of information and facts and chemistry has more maths and application of formulas to questions. It's really up to what you prefer. My biology lectures felt similar in style to A level (obviously to a higher level) and some of my chemistry modules (atoms and molecules, thermodynamics etc.) felt very different from A level. In my opinion I found particular chemistry modules' content harder to understand but I also found some of the coursework and exams easier in first year.

I'd recommend looking through different degrees like @McGinger mentioned and seeing if any click with you as particularly interesting.

I hope I could help!
Rebecca :smile:

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