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Funding med school

How do people fund med school, if you're unable to take out a loan because you are doing medicine as a second degree?
You can get some funding for medicine as a second degree from SFE, depending on which type of course you're doing.

If you're doing a standard entry 5/6 year course, you can get a maintenance loan only (no tuition fee loan) for the first 4 years of the course, and will be funded by NHS bursary covering the tuition fees for the final year(s), and also for maintenance purposes. If you're doing an accelerated GEM course, for the first year you will need to self-fund the first ~£3000 of the tuition fees (I forget the exact amount, it's slightly higher than that but 3k and a bit), and can get a tuition fee loan for the rest and a maintenance loan. For years 2-4 you are funded under the NHS bursary model which covers your tuition fees and a (modest) maintenance bursary. You may be eligible for a reduced maintenance loan during these years as well.

Generally GEM tends to be the main option due to the financial cost of paying for 4 years of tuition fees with standard entry medicine as a graduate, unless you have money saved from your prior career or your family can help out. Remember you can use the maintenance loan to pay for the tuition fees if you can cover your own costs in the meantime, although this may be less feasible in some areas (London for example is probably to expensive to realistically get enough work out of/during term to cover your costs...).

However the thing to remember is you can take out some loans with SFE to cover it. But in both cases, you won't have full coverage for the full course (GEM gets more coverage, but you get a lot less maintenance bursary from the NHS bursary compared to an SFE maintenance loan I believe).

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