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How to make most of energy drinks like red bull? watch


    aaah the addiction !!

    (Original post by Darkest Knight)
    Is there any specific way to drink? In one go, slowly, etc..?

    Reason I ask is because the first time I had one, it worked amazingly, couldn't sleep till 4am, but ever since then, each time I have one there is no effect at all. I don't drink any tea/coffee/caffeine drinks AT all otherwise, and only tend to have energy drinks once every couple of weeks?

    There's a few theories about regarding how certain drugs affect people differently. One explanation of why you don't get a buzz is that you simply have a high tolerance to taurine/caffiene/sugar levels anyway and it takes more to get you buzzed. Another could be that some people only feel the effects if they are sensitised to them, so they need to use them fairly regularly for it to work - i believe some people call this a 'reverse tolerance' although thats a bit of an ambiguous name.

    So you could try drinking more tea/coffee, one or two a day wont hurt, then when you do drink energy drinks it might affect you more. That way you wouldn't have to keep drinking red bull which is expensive and probably not quite so good for you either.

    Either way its worth being careful with any kind of stimulant, people do get some sort of comedown of varying degrees even with caffiene. Personally I find its no big deal and the buzz outweighs any slight slump I have after a caffienated drink, but equally any more than 1 red bull makes me feel pretty awful for a while several hours after.:yep:


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