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    I volunteer for a Cancer Research charity shop on Saturday afternoons. Much as I love it, there are some things that piss me off; sorry, I just need a rant. :o:

    1) Our manager left a couple of months ago. This isn't the problem in itself, the assistant manager took over for a bit. However, since the assistant manager left, our shop is being managed by the manager of another charity shop, who now runs our shop and the other shop. Obviously, she can't be there all the time, so relies heavily on the volunteers. Well, since our old manager left, apparently some volunteers who are around during the week haven't been getting on. Also, the quality of our stock has gone down; people are putting out rag (the stuff that isn't supposed to go out into the shop, that's why they're meant to SORT the stuff before putting it out :mad: ), and we have also had complaints from some customers who've noticed the quality of our stock going down... that pisses me off. I'm only there on Saturday afternoons, so there's not much I can do... plus I'm out on the shop floor all day, often helping another volunteer with learning difficulties, so I can't even help sort stuff myself.

    2) Customers who buy stuff from our shop, but then want a bag to put it in that isn't ours, so people won't see they've been to a charity shop. (Oh the shame! Imagine, helping raise money for good causes :rolleyes: ) If they're so bothered by it, why don't they bring their *own* bag? :rolleyes:

    3) Customers who seem to think everything should be about 50p. Today I heard one woman say to her friend, "£4! Charity shops are meant to be for people who don't have much money." Err no, charity shops are to raise money for charity. :rolleyes:

    4) People who expect us to do their shopping for them. I don't mind if they've looked around (properly, not just a quick glance as they walk in) for what they want, and THEN ask if we have something, but if they don't even do that, then it annoys me. Like one person, who literally just walked in and said, "Do you have Godzilla?" Grrr, the videos are over there, take a look for yourself... If you want a personal shopper due to lazyness, go retail. In a charity shop, you should mostly EXPECT to have to look around for stuff yourself.

    5) OK, another thing some people don't seem to get. Charity shops don't BUY stuff from you. You donate... be it out of the goodness of your heart; or you have a connection with the charity; you're clearing out your wardrobe/attic whatever; or you want to feel good about yourself. We take *donations*; we are CHARITY shops, not consignment shops. This is not the place to *sell* your stuff.

    6) Customers who take the tags/labels/prices off items. (Yes, it happens, unfortunately.) Usually they do it to see if we'll give them a cheaper price. This is a CHARITY, ffs (how many more times?) - as it says on a sign we have in our shop: theft costs lives.
    Plus its also a huge pain for the volunteers, as we then have to tag it (if its clothes), code it, price it, and put it out again. It may not sound like much, but when it happens repeatedly, it wastes a lot of our time. :mad:
    Also customers who switch the labels/stickers from items to get the more expensive item for the price of a cheaper item. :mad: It's a form of theft, and theft costs lives.

    7) Customers who try and get something off the mannequin/from the window display, without asking us (the volunteers) first. If only they'd read the sign, it says to ask for assistance before doing so.

    Feel much better now. Sorry for that - I do love volunteering, but like any job, it has its ups and downs. I just needed to let off some steam. :o:
    Any other volunteers want to vent?

    Hmm... I think that many people do see charity shops as places where poor people go to buy their clothes, but at the same time there are all the news items about designer clothes in charity shops (in specific areas of London, of course, as nowhere else exists in the uk).

    I don't mind paying a reasonable price for a nice item - if sufficiently retro and a quality item then it would probably be far more at another shop. When "Atmosphere" (aka Primark, obv) stuff sells at what I know is just about cost price then I wouldn't pay for it - sorry charity!

    But having said all that and not really made clear my views in the slightest, go volunteers! (Though please sell your books at a more reasonable price - I buy them to leave on holiday and unfortunately they are the same price as Amazon so I end up getting them there for convenience and a new book, or else local library for 20p bogof)

    Hmm yes i'll have a rant!

    I have been volunteering in a charity shop for about 5 months now, won't say which one as you never know, someone else who works there might read this!

    I pretty much have to agree with all your points! Must be the same in every charity shop!

    1) People who return an item which only cost 99p, they cause a long queue and it takes ages to fill out the return form, then they moan about how long the whole process is taking!!

    2) When there are 4 or 5 volunteers in and they decide to all just sit and natter and have a coffee in the back and leave me to manage the till on my own when its busy. This happens all the time! Thats the problem when you are the only young one!

    3) People who come in and try and find any tiny fault they can with an item so they can get a discount ... what happened to charity?? Everything is secondhand, some people don't seem to realise.

    4) Other volunteers who ring in at the very last minute to say they won't be coming in, so twice as much work for everyone and no time to ring for cover!

    5) People who come into the shop at 4:55pm and browse for 15 minutes at their leisure then leave without buying anything! Waste of time!

    6) The manager changes the promotions everyday and never tells me, so I end up putting something through the till wrong, then have to wake the manager up for her to void it which takes ages, and the customer has a face like a wet weekend.

    7) The way customers treat you like sh** for no reason at all!

    Hmmmmm .... thats better!
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