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A level AQA psychology

I would like advice or info on how to study psychology
Should i write notes i read the textbook but i feel like I don’t understand
My main tips would be:
- use quizlet and create a set for each chapter
- create essay plans for each topic so you know which evaluation points to use if it came up as a 16 marker
- have one lever arch file for each paper and have a day folder for the most recent work for each subject
- use lots of diagrams to help understand and revise the biopsychology content
- past papers are particularly useful for revising research methods as similar styles of questions come up every year
- remember key points from each evaluation and fill in the gaps, rather than trying to remember a paragraph (eg: name of researcher, subject of study, type of relationship or difference)
- use blurting to see if you can remember the necessary content from each topic without prompts
- use pneumonics to remember when to use each stats test
Hope this helps and I'm happy to answer any other questions you have
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some ideas that really helped me
- lots and lots of exam questions. is great for this. youll realise a lot of questions are similar and develop a structure of answering them that works for you
- simplify all your notes - shorten each concept to a few lines, try and make a topic fit on one page. once youve done lots of exam questions make note of which statistics you use a lot and only memorise these! i found i had about 2 statistics for each study.
- keep your notes formatted to study/concept - evidence - pros - cons (just for simplicity)
- test yourself with mind maps. choose a topic (eg. biopsychology) and put down as much as you remember, then fill in your gaps with your notes. do this over and over until you remember it all.

really for me psychology was all about simplifying the content (because there is SO much of it) and just repeatedly testing myself, itll sink in soon enough. good luck!

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