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Liking a close friend as more than a friend... watch

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    Please keep anon as I know people on the forums.

    So basically I have started to like one of my closest male friends as more (im female). I wouldnt say ive just started to liking him. Basically ive liked him for a while but ive been going out with one of our friends for 5 months, and I liked him whilst I was dating this guy but it was easier to get off my mind as I liked my boyfriend more and could easily forget. Now that im single again though, the feelings have just come out really fast, like the ones I was trying to egnore when I was in a relationship, have all come out now that I know it's ok to like someone.

    Im 16, He's 16. Not sure what to do at all, im really confused. It's been so long since ive liked someone and wanted to do something about it, as even with my last boyfriend I didnt have to do anything as he asked me out, so it really has been AGES since ive been in a situation like this.
    I have no idea how he feels towards me in that way, of course I know that we are friends, but at the same time we arent too close in that it would be weird, which is good. Yet I still think I would feel totally awkward if I just randomly told him how I felt, so Im really not sure how to go about it!
    He does things sometimes that I will like and think that it is a good sign, yet on the other hand he is a very friendly guy in general so I can never be sure if somethings he does are just how he is, or if they mean something.

    Hmm really unsure what to do and want to act on this, but not sure how!
    Anyone been in a situation like this, or have any general advice?

    Yeah i've been in a situation very similar, i was with someone else but liked my guy friend alot, when the relationship ended I spent more time with my guy friend and I guess just tried through little hints, to see how he felt about me and hint that i quite liked him.

    Basically we were out one night and walked home alone together, i'm not sure how it came about but he brought up something i'd said before about liking someone and he asked if it was him, i just looked at him and smiled, and he said he felt the same way. We're together now

    You just need to know if he feels the same way, maybe make some little hints or show him a little more attention than other friends and see how he responds? I understand it's hard to make the first move, i never had untill then either because my ex had been the one to ask me out too, but little hints can go far. Good luck

    Tell him. i dont care how you do it but dont let your feelings just pester you. I really liked (well still like) my closest guy mate and have done for a very very long time (lets just say a fair bit more than a year). So eventually i just HAD to know. He doesnt feel the same but i can tell you it is 100000000000000000X easier not having to hide how i feel. Tell him - but if he doesnt like you back you may need to put in extra effort not to let your friendship fall apart, overcome the initial awkwardness and you'll be fine

    i posted a very similar thread to this. very similar situation.
    the plan was, to get drunk with him and then tell him, meaning that if he didn't like me, i could pretend to foget what had happend/made it up due to being drunk.
    when i actually got drunk with him, i forgot about the plan.
    no matter, because he kissed me, it all worked out fine
    good luck
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    I've been in exactly the same situation really recently.
    I told him how I felt when we were both a bit drunk one night; we're staying friends because we're both quite shy and also we're the best of mates so it could be a bit weird/awkward
    But it was good to find out he felt the same;

    if you're getting signals from this guy I say you should go for it cause it's much worse to constantly wonder "what if..?"

    And if it doesn't work out for some reason, he'll keep your friendship if he's a good enough friend.

    Good luck

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    Ah thanks for the advice
    I was drunk the other night and got so close to telling him but didnt then, all I said is that I like someone else because he asked if I was over my ex and I told him yeah I like someone else, so he knows that.
    I guess ill just have to bite the bullet and tell him.
    The success responses sound really nice too, hope it works out for me!
    Anxious now!
    Thanks for the advice, helps a lot!
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