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Diploma HE - will job options be limited?

If a student is struggling with their mental health and not enjoying the course at all so chose to leave uni after completing 2 years, and they could finish with a dip HE - does this still provide decent enough job opportunities, or does it limit your options?

I'm guessing no graduate schemes would accept just a DipHE? Are there any opportunities that would be available? Or is it worth just sticking it out for the final year to get the degree?
You'll just need to be looking for entry level roles and work your way up. The DipHE may be able to demonstrate some useful transferable skills etc that your average school leaver or something may not have though so it could well help you in that regard.

But you won't be going into graduate roles with a DipHE - same as if you get an ordinary degree or fail your degree, you would be looking at entry level roles and working up through the "ladder". Which is not necessarily a bad thing, if you can find a suitable role to get started in which does have those progression opportunities.

Depending on the context of the health issues and issues with the course, there may be some other options to consider. For example, taking an interruption of studies for a year to prioritise your health - this can work if the issue is temporary or due to burnout, and you are confident that after a year away (while presumably seeking treatment via your GP) you can return and be fully engaged in the course again.

If the issues are more systemic/long term, then that may not be as suitable. In that case you may want to consider taking the DipHE and working in whatever roles are available, while keeping the possibility of going back to finish your degree with the OU or, dependent on subject, a top-up BA/BSc (Hons) year (these are not available at all unis for all courses though). In both cases though you should be aware you will be getting your degree from a different uni to the one you are enrolled in now.

You may also want to consider withdrawing from the course to take some time away from education then go back to earn your degree in full elsewhere, perhaps in another subject (leaving the current course with or without an exit award - without may be better for this purpose). For full time study this may present some issues with funding entitlement, however for part-time study the funding "pot" is separate to full time study so if you are not enrolling on a course that is equivalent or lower level than any previously obtained qualifications, you should be able to get full funding for part-time study. You may be able to get funding for full-time study in an exception course as well (mostly healthcare professions courses).

So you do have some options in terms of getting a degree, but you also may find it's unnecessary or undesirable to do that and you are happy to start in an entry level role and work your way up from there :smile:

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