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my school and journey takes from 8am-4pm
what routine could i have where i have time for revision homework and going to gym and doing my hobbies?😭
i’m in yr12 maths bio chem
how much should i be revising per day?
I would imagine as you are in yr12 you have free periods and the best thing to do in those is work so that when you get home you have less work. I wouldn't recommend doing work before school but when you come back maybe have something to eat and then do a small piece of work, have dinner maybe do a little more work and allow some time for hobbies. I would have set days in which you go to the gym. I'm not sure how helpful this will be, but I hope this helps.
I know everyone says work in your free periods, but I just prefer to do everything at my own pace. If you have the option to leave school after your lessons, please do it, it gives you so much freedom. I won’t necessarily have a set time when I do my work/revision, I’ll just make sure I get everything done that I want to during the day. For example, if my lessons finish at 1pm and I want to go to the gym, I’ll go to the gym and then do my work in the evenings. If you struggle with fitting everything in, then I’d recommend writing everything you want to get done on a to do list (including hobbies) make this reasonable, you don’t want to burn yourself out, then you can check everything off during the day

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