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dropping out of university


so I'm a first year student who goes to a uni outside of London whilst my parents live in London, I was Brought up very close to my family and this is the first ever time I've been alone, my parents are a 4 hour 30 min drive away from me... Ive been at uni since September and ever since then I've been going back and forth to London due to the fact that I miss my family and friends and this has had a massive impact on my mental wellbeing, thats why I was thinking of dropping out of university and moving back home to a London uni (after first year at my current uni), this is because I think being at home would help my mental health improve and I could maybe go to a London university. however there are some cons of me coming home... the uni I currently go to is a Russel group university and if I did want to go to a London university it wouldn't be a Russel group and not even a top 20 non Russel group university and I would be a little embarrassed to say that I went to this uni then dropped out to go to a worse uni in London.. I wanted to ask for advice on what I should do cause at this point I'm actually sick of university and every single aspect of it.

furthermore I was set like 3 essays the first day of uni without the lecturers even talking about the course I heard essay after essay and I don't even know how to write an essay or even how to reference (Harvard style)... please also help with this.

Before I go into detail disclaimer that this is my opinion only and you should do as you see fit bc we're different ppl who see things differently so what works for me might not work for you and viceversa.

Personally I don't think unis being in the Russell Group is too important, I would say you should go to a uni that suits you and that you like. There's no shame in that. If being in a Russel Group uni is too difficult and you can't get anything out of it, I think you should change to a London uni.

As for being a first year student, I can really sympathize with you. I came from another country to study in the UK so basically no chance of seeing my parents except for long holidays. It was really hard for me and I considered dropping out many times but once you get through the first few weeks it gets better, also you can join societies and make friends at uni or explore the city which helped me a lot for homesickness. Rely on your family whenever you can. Visit them on weekends if time allows and videochat them when you can. It does help to know there are people who care for you.

As for Harvard referencing, it's not too hard once you get the hand of it! (writing an essay with Harvard ref as I type hahaha) This link should be of help!

Good luck on your time at uni, you can do this!
I agree with what the person above says about the Russell group uni but I was add that if it's having a bad impact on your mental health and all the time travelling then you aren't going to be able to put all your effort into it so might not get as good grades as you could. However if you go to a London uni and your mental health improves and you can focus and put in all your effort then you are more likely to get better grades and unis normally look at the grades more than the uni (that's what I've been told anyway)

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