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Girls intimidated by me? cant seem to approach girls!!!! watch


    (Original post by All at once)
    Girls aren't intimidated by you, you're intimidated by them.

    Just follow the three second rule. If you see a girl you like you've got three seconds to speak to them. It's easy, go over and say anything.

    haha that's how it goes. I mean really, i want the guy to make the first move, it shows he's confident, determined and wanting it! GO FOR IT and take the risk.

    Sureeee there MIGHT be rejection but everyones' been through it, you all know how it is. And all girls aren't that mean to do it upfront....we like the attention!:mmm:

    When you do go for a little chat, make sure that's how it is: A little chat. So when things don't go the way you want them to go there's no harm done.
    When you see they want more than a little chat, and respond with flirting then get your freak on ^.^

    Me? My best tip: SMILE. :lollypop: (like you mean it, not a fake one). it shows confidence, that you're all round friendly , gorgeousness and maybe a higher power.

    Basically don't worry about it and go with the flow. It's not rocket science you know :yep:

    maybe cos of your "model" - like looks, girls dont want to approach you, they want you to approach them. Maybe the way you are around your mates on a night out makes you look like a someone a girl wouldnt really want to talk to? total guess. just go for it and chat up girls, chances are you will get more numbers than you will be turned down and maybe that will make you feel better :P

    You obviously know you're good looking.
    Is that what you want us to re-iterate?

    Maybe, you seem like a stuck up guy? As you mentioned, you went to a party and you thought the 2 good-looking girls were probably stuck up etc.

    Think about it from their perspective. If there's a good looking guy at a party or wherever, and girls are eyeing him up, the first thought that comes to mind.. this guy probably has the biggest head cause' of all the attention he's getting.

    You should try and approach the girls, instead of waiting for them to do it. More than often, the girl(s) felt too afraid to approach you.

    Just remember to be confident, not arrogant, but confident in yourself.

    Good luck!
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    This threads a year old guys :/

    Seriously OP. If you are that good looking you should be able to clean up. I just think you are lacking the confidence to make the moves, even though the girls are looking at you.

    Sounds like me 6 months ago to be honest.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    erm...its not that i cant get anyone to go out with me..its the fact that im not approaching anyone to go out with me...cos i see girls giving me the eye and u think they are interested....but they dont give you an opportunity to speak to them..ie a smile..or some other excuse........
    lmao.. u think a girl is gonna drop her bag or something equally pathetic just so u can swoop in as her man in shining armour and pick it up for her??

    hot girls can be picky with guys.. and they wanna eliminate the losers. by making eye contact they can engage people with them, and if they come over and talk, then they are obviously confident.. whereas the guys who don't come over and talk.. well.. the game is already lost.

    Haha this thread is SO old!
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