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Help with GCSE RS B question

Hi, I’ll begin by stating the question:
“Describe the conflict between religious and non-religious accounts of creation.” [5 marks]

I believe I’m supposed to include 3 quotes and explanations along with a concluding sentence, however I originally misread the question and compared Christian beliefs to Muslim beliefs. I now realise I haven’t got anything non-religious to compare so was hoping someone could provide 1/2 quotes and explanation of non-religious accounts of creation along with a concluding sentence comparing it to christian beliefs? This would greatly help as I’m drowning in homework and revision and don’t have the time/energy to redo my answer from scratch. If any kind soul is willing to help me, I hope you have a wonderful day and life! Thank you :smile:
I'm not sure if this answer would be very helpful to you or not, as it's very brief...but maybe you could say something about the Big Bang theory? (If you're talking about the creation of the universe)

-You could talk about how the big bang theory states that the universe was created by chance, however Christians would argue that God was the creator of the universe. You could use some quotes from Genesis for that.

-If you're talking about the creation of human beings and the earth, then you could mention the fact that scientists believe that humans evolved from microscopic organisms over billions of years. However Biblical Literalist christians would argue that the Bible says that God created the world in 6 days, and that humans were also created by him and in his image.

Hope this gives you a few ideas:redface:...sorry if it isn't exactly what you wanted

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