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How To Revise Sociology

Dear Forum
I would like some advice as to what I need to know for Sociology.
I make sure to do all of the past paper questions which I can get ahold of, and I make flashcards for any of the questions I lose marks on. However, I am still a bit unsure of how to use the AQA textbooks properly. That is because I am unsure of what I have to know to be prepared for answering any of the questions that might come up (My point is, making flashcards of essay plans from the tutor2u topic booklets and past paper answers is not the way to go, because if I know all the book content first I will generally be prepared for anything, but I am not sure whether there is an irrelevant information in the textbook, or at least information which I should prioritise my focus on). I know that the key concepts and key sociologists (as delineated by the book) have to be learnt, but other than that I am unsure of which of the many studies and key terms I need to know (I assume I should know all the key terms, but how many studies per concept? For example, in chapter 2.1, in the section on cultural deprivation, is it advisable that I know the research of Archer et al, and Demis and Lewis, and Douglas, and Sugarman, and Archer,Hollingsworth and Mendick?). Also, I have never seen a need to know the statistics in any of the answers in the mark-scheme, so I am not sure whether I should learn them.

If I have been unclear anywhere in my post then please ask me for clarification so that you may be able to answer the question to the best of your ability. Your help would be much appreciated
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hi! i do eduqas for sociology but we use the AQA textbook so i totally get what you mean by the irrelevant information, there’s a lot of text in there, most of which i never really use.

i like to just note down the key concepts and sociologists ideas. usually following their name it should give a 1-2 sentence summary of their idea/research - that’s what i write down since that’s what i’m going to remember and write in an essay question if that makes sense? in terms of what you said about cultural deprivation you definitely don’t need all of those names. i’d say Archer, Douglas and Sugarman have the most important ideas and concepts with lots of context and room for evaluation - you could add one of the others for good measure but definitely not necessary. i’d say about 3/4 per topic is more than enough.

statistics aren’t as important as sociologists, but i’d say learn 2-3 per UNIT (not subtopic!) just for good measure. try and learn statistics that cover a broad range of subtopics - for example if you do education learn one or two stats related to class, one for gender and one for ethnicity if that makes sense. you really won’t need that many and you definitely won’t lose marks if you have no statistics but a lot of sociologists, but they’re always good to throw in in an introduction for example

hope that helps!

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