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Thoughts on Durham Business School?

I know around 10 years ago they had very low entry requirements, which you can see on Waybackmachine.

I wanted to ask what you think the perception of the business school there is at undergraduate level now?

The entry requirements are much higher than they were (AAB generally now) and the rankings are good. Is this just a successful marketing/rebranding campaign or has the business school there come on a lot over the last 10-12 years?
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It's successful marketing because on an international scale, Durham barely scrapes the top 200 (THE ranked them 198 as a university). So if it's academics, research, etc., that you're interested in, there are better universities. Durham's courses are still good, but they're pretty much what you'd find at any other Russell Group, with some interesting modules on the Humanities side of Economics, Finance, Business etc., I suppose.

In terms of careers, the Business School does very well. They send so many people into Front Office finance careers that I don't know why people call it a semi-target when there were more Durham students on my internship than LSE or Oxbridge.

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